6 Mistakes You Could Be Making on the Keto Diet

The keto diet or ketogenic diet seems to grow more and more popular over time. Multiple research shows that it promotes weight loss and lowers your cholesterol as well. However, not everyone can succeed in the keto diet.

This low carb, high-fat diet can be quite challenging, especially for those people who don’t like eating fats since the keto diet requires you to consume a significant amount of fat. So if you are looking to start the keto diet yourself, below we have provided some mistakes you should avoid when trying to introduce this type of diet into your life. Let’s dive right in!

You are eating the wrong fats

There are different types of fats out there, and all of them are not created equal. Some fats are good for your keto diet, while others are bad. So what are the wrong ones you say? They are processed fats, which are commonly found in seed and vegetable oils, and these are the fats you should completely avoid when on a ketogenic diet.

Processed fats are bad for your overall health, especially when consumed regularly. In fact, these fats can cause you lots of health issue and increase the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. There are plenty of good fats out there, focus on them and you should have no problem achieving your daily fat macros.

You are rushing the process

Keto diet is a lifestyle, and many people don’t consider that. You don’t switch to ketogenic diet just because you want to lose fats and reduce your weight. After all, the health benefits of keto diet are countless, making it something that you should stick forever. If you want to make the process faster and easier, then cutting out sugars will get the job done. This will allow you to achieve a healthy weight without having to track your macros and a meal plan.

You are not eating enough fats

Keto diet requires you to eat a huge amount of fat. If you are not hitting your required amount of fat daily, then you are doing it wrong. The intention of this diet is to force your body to run on fats. And on a ketogenic diet, you will need to consume fats if you want to lose fats.

You will have a difficult time losing fats if you’re eating not enough fats. This can be a huge adjustment if you are not used to eating a significant amount of fat, but you’ll get used to it from time to time. It is a great idea to moderate your fat intake until you can easily and quickly estimate the fats in your meals by simply looking at them.

You are consuming too much protein

Protein is actually good for you, but too much is not, especially when on a keto diet. Since you’re going to use fats as a source of fuel or energy, you won’t really need to consume lots of proteins. After all, proteins only help maintain your muscle mass.

You only need less protein that you would expect to make the keto diet effective. When you consume more protein that your body needs, your body will convert the excess protein into glucose, which can your blood sugar levels.

This is why it’s very important to prepare a plan for your meals to determine how much protein and fats you are putting in your body. Just eat the right amount of protein and concentrate on consuming fats and you’re good to go.

You’re not drinking enough water

Whether you are on a ketogenic diet or not, it’s crucial to drink enough water on a regular basis. You need to keep your body hydrated since your body will have a hard time doing what it is supposed to do with little to no water.

Switching to a ketogenic diet means drinking more water, and this can be quite a challenge for people who are not used to drinking enough water. To make the process a lot easier, you can keep a water bottle handy — it’s good to bring one with at least 1 liter of volume. In addition, you can also squeeze some refreshing lemon in your water if you’re tired of drinking tasteless water.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Your keto diet won’t be effective if you are not getting enough sleep. Just like water, sleep is crucial to your keto diet success. It’s crucial to give your body some time to rest in order to replenish your lost energy. Take your time sleeping and make sure to get some rest or you are just doing your ketogenic diet wrong.

Above are the mistakes you could be making on your keto diet. If you’re doing anything listed above, start doing the opposite and you should be able to be successful on your ketogenic diet once done right.

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